Big Tax Bill for Zuckerberg

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Cited: CNN
News of the impending IPO for the social media giant is all over the market and you know what they say about where there is smoke there is likely to be something smoldering somewhere. So, with the inevitable public offering of Facebook also comes the speculation about just exactly how much will Mark Zuckerberg be worth when all is said and done. There is little doubt that he will be a billionaire but just how big is yet to be determined.

And now with the billions probably comes a tax bill for the young social media mogul that could shatter all other recorded tax bills to date. Speculation so far has Zuckerberg being stuck with a bill of over $2 billion after his expected windfall from the Facebook IPO.

Currently the Facebook chief owns 414 million shares of the company but he also holds options on another 120 million shares that he can exercise for the bargain basement price of 6 cents per share. He will likely exercise this option for obvious reasons and also to help pay some of the tax bill that he’ll be getting after the IPO.

Zuckerberg’s options alone are worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $3billion if valued at the $29.73 posted in the Facebook IPO paperwork, but industry experts say that the stock will sell for a much bigger premium, close to $40, when they hit the market, making the options worth approximately $5 billion.

The company is expected to be worth somewhere in the area of $100 billion after the shares hit the market, making Zuckerberg and a few lucky others very wealthy people.

Zuckerberg said that he plans to only sell enough of his shares and options in Facebook to cover his tax liability because he is notoriously guarded about giving up any control of his company, or at least too much control of it. So while he will indeed add to the government’s tax take and probably be at the top of the list of those 1% of the wealthiest Americans that pay almost $19.6 billion in taxes, most of his wealth will remain paper wealth in the form of his shares in the company.


My take:

The incredible story that is Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg goes on and on. Imagine having a $2 billion tax bill to worry about. My God it just defies belief. This will be a tale that goes on for quite some time and frankly I still don’t get it.


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Sprint Selling Phones and Losing Money

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Cited: CNN

Sprint became the latest mobile phone service provider to sell the iconic Apple iPhone in Q4 of 2011 and on the surface it seems like it was a good move. After following on the heels of AT&T, and Verizon, who started selling the iPhones before Sprint, the mobile phone service provider reports that it sold over 1.8 million phones in the last quarter of 2011 alone. This helped Sprint to boost the size of its paying customers by the largest numbers in six years. They were also able to boost the highest average revenue rates boost in the history of the wireless phone industry.

Seems like it should have been a win-win deal for Sprint, despite the hefty upfront fees that Sprint had to pay Apple for the rights to sell the phones, but all is not as it appears. Sprint says that it posted its largest quarter loss in three years for the quarter despite the increase in phone sales and phone users.  This is an astonishing statistic considering that Sprint management says that 40% of the sales of the iPhone went to new Sprint subscribers.

Following the less than stellar financial report from Sprint shares of their stock in the equity market fell by 5%, reflecting investor’s poor reception to their financials. Market analysts say that Sprint is still trying to recover from their failed merger with Nextel back in 2005 and that many market watchers say that the mobile phone carrier has little cash to be able to carry it through these poor quarterly performances.

One of the biggest drains from Sprint’s bottom line was the subsidy that it had to pay to Apple to carry the phone that everyone wants. Sprint management says that their margins were trimmed to near 9% from16% prior to the Apple deal, with much of the narrowing of the margins coming from the big payouts they had to make to Apple.


My take:

It appears that the only people making out from selling the iPhone are the Apple people. I wonder how much money Apple demands upfront in order to grant a license to sell their products. That is one helluva position to be in; to have a product that is so popular you have to pay just to get it on your shelves.


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In the game of tennis a kick serve is such that it actually places a great deal of stress on the tennis player during play and it’s recommended that young individuals don’t start this type of serve until they are older when they go to competitions even if they learn it during lessons when they are an adolescent. This type of serve isn’t something that can be impacted by the surface of the court utilized by a New Jersey indoor courts construction design builder and this is why tennis players of all ages need to be careful when using it.

McDonald’s Goes Green

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Cited: CNN

McDonald’s announced today that its vivid green shake will now be served in all 14,000 McDonald’s outlets around the United States. The shake has been around since 1970 but has never been sold in all of their locations.

A spokesman for McDonald’s said that the shake, probably not really a milkshake, has a cult like following and has always been available in select locations around St. Patrick’s Day since 1970 but now they are planning on serving the green goo in all of their restaurants.

The shake is basically a vanilla shaandke with mint flavoring with the green color coming from the mint syrup additive. The pitch man for the McDonald’s St. Paddy’s Day shake used to be a character called Uncle O’Grimacey, who was modeled after the purple Grimace character. However, McDonald’s spokesmen say that they won’t be bringing Uncle O’G back this year for the nationwide launch of the green shake.

McDonald’s isn’t the only fast-food vendor out there with what the industry calls a specialty shake, because it isn’t your normal vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry concoction. Other fast food vendors have come up with really far out versions of their own such as the bacon shake.

Don’t get the idea that you are going to be going lo-calorie or healthy calorie by ingesting any of these special blends because they tend to be high in fat, calories, and probably a list of other ingredients that no one but a chemist could ever pronounce.  Stick to the Big Mac, fries, and a small Coke and hope for the best.


My take:

The only thing that can be worse than a McDonald’s shake is a green McDonald’s shake. Can’t wait to see the commercials for the new goo.


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It is important to do the right amount of research before making purchases of significant equipment for a construction site because such money spent is always going to be a rather significant dent in the budget. What is important to remember regarding such machinery is that purchasing things like skid steer attachments can be done in such a way that their eventual obsolescence isn’t even going to impact the company for several decades due to the general longevity of such pieces. Not surprisingly, a lot of companies with lower budgets will buy used parts and still use them for decades.

Placement of Words

When specially designing a particular piece of jewelry, it is not uncommon for questions to come about regarding where the personalization should be placed on a particular piece of jewelry that’s being printed with a pair of initials or a short inscription. Often a hand stamped necklace will have two options for printing and might either have initials placed on the decorative element on the front of the necklace or it might have a pair of initials or a short inscription placed around the clasp area so only the person who is given the necklace can see the inscription.

Automotive Brands Increase Prices

There has been a rather expected response from companies involved in offering vehicles for sale in that the increased sales levels enjoyed by many companies these days have led to higher overall prices for vehicles even though other parts of the economy have not yet recovered. This has impacted every part of the vehicle however and some companies have gone with steady prices whereas other companies have increased them. The amount of enhancement within the economy has many questioning whether Iowa commercial truck tires can go up in price or if it’s too early economically to do so.

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There are some beautiful options these days for people who want their visitors to walk inside their home and feel as though they just walked into a home somewhere on a farm in Kansas or Oklahoma, but today’s country decor sometimes goes quite far with its methods of designing things that look country and this is why some people have started to realize that sometimes it’s difficult to figure out just how much is too much because by the time they get started with creating a truly serene country environment, they’ve gone completely overboard with their efforts.

No Stripping Here Say Sisters

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Cited: CNN

When it come s to separation of church and state no one had in mind a strip club being opened just a few feet away from a convent of catholic nuns; neither did the sisters but this is one fight that they are prepared to take on, even if it means getting down and a little dirty to get their point across.

The good sisters of the Missionary Sisters of Saint Charles Borromeo-Scalabrinians (try saying that name three times fast) are up in arms over the city of Stone Park, Illinois approval of a permit to open a strip club, to be called “Get It” right next to the convent where the nuns live. The residence for the sisters is over 60 years old and has 21 nuns living there now. In addition, the convent also houses elderly nuns, infirmed nuns, as well as younger girls that may be considering joining their ranks.

The nuns are fighting against the club on the grounds that it will be sending the wrong message to young people in the area. They also claim that the city did not follow proper procedures in issuing the permit because they were never notified of the pending application filed by the owners of the club.

For their part, attorneys for the city of Stone Park say that the nuns were sent a notification but that it went to the wrong address because the records in the Cook County board of records was incorrect. How the major of Stone Park and other city administration could have imagined that the nuns received the notice but chose not to respond is another story entirely, however the mayor says that the city did nothing wrong and that the permit will stand.

The club is scheduled to open this coming spring and the nuns say that they will pray that the owners as well as the young ladies working there will come to their senses and close the club.


My take:

The club might be a good recruiting center for the nuns. Who knows? A lot of young girls look to reform their ways after being in that line of work for a little while and now they won’t have too far too go to get some help in turning their life around.


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For individuals who are seeking the right way to hire a lawyer, the very first decision to consider is what type of case the individual is to become involved with. For cases where a person would be a plaintiff and might require Kent Washington personal injury lawyers, those legal representatives would need to be knowledgeable regarding such cases while someone who had been charged with a criminal offense which would require they sit in court as a defendant would require a different type of lawyer and one that had studied how to operate within the realm of criminal law.

Understanding Changes in Taxes and Estates

One of the reasons why someone who has a valuable estate needs to consult with their Greenwood Village Colorado estate planning attorneys on a regular basis is because there are changes and modifications to the tax code every single year which influence how a particular estate might need to be arranged as far as ensuring the highest amount of funds retention is experienced after a person’s death or departure from a particular family unit. Although everything within the tax code isn’t changed every year, there are always a few surprises out there that may change a person’s accounts and estate.

Areas Related to Construction Law

There are certainly a number of areas for practicing law as it relates to construction and building, but it is not uncommon for an individual who is working with Denver CO construction attorneys to resolve a matter to have access to legal professionals who are capable of defending areas of construction law that are tangentially related such as contract negotiations, product liability issues and even casualty litigation as it is connected to the business world. The overall amount of information required for a legal professional to be successful in this realm is rather significant in today’s legal environment.

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There aren’t many people who actually realize that there may be some options available to them should they have their employment taken away and if an individual feels that he or she has been unfairly treated within the realm of their employment, it’s important to speak with an EEO attorney to determine whether there might be some legal solution available for a person’s issues. Not every type of work issue will have a legal resolution to it, but it’s definitely possible that a person might be able to find a solution to their problem with the help of legal counsel.

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Managing Conflict in Divorce

Going through a divorce is likely one of the most difficult things ever experienced by a person who has otherwise had an uneventful life and sometimes visiting a Florida divorce lawyer is one of the only ways to move on from a difficult marriage. Although many people will suggest counseling might be the way to go, it’s still quite difficult for individuals who have been in a difficult marriage to figure out how best to make sure that the stress is reduced during the divorce process. Often getting a therapist can help with the process.

Some Lawsuits Drop

One of the aspects of legal specialties that have seen a lot of work lately is that of discrimination in the workplace and it has been an unfortunate aspect of some job sites that a Carl Place discrimination lawyer was needed more than people would have thought might be the case in the past few years. But it would seem that not every area is experiencing increases in such discrimination issues as research has led investigators to believe that actual complaints in some states are down, such as in Alabama where lawsuits involving employment discrimination were down in 2011.

Indigestion Drugs Can Be Harmful

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Cited: MSNBC
One of the unintended consequences of over-indulging in food, drink and a combination of the two is often a bad case of indigestion, aka heartburn. Over the last couple of years a battery of over the counter remedies for indigestion and heartburn have hit the market to supplement the old standbys in Tums and Alka-Seltzer, which for many years were the mainstay of the market.

Some of the most popular of these OTC drugs are Nexium, Prilosec, and Prevacid and one if not more of them are probably found in most people’s medicine cabinet. Now the FDA is warning users of these drugs that they can be harmful and their use can lead to other digestive problems, in particular clostridium diffidile, which is a bacterial infection whose symptom is diarrhea that won’t go away.

The problem, so says the FDA, is that these drugs inhibit the amount of acid in the stomach to prevent acid reflux, indigestion and heartburn in the user. However, on the other hand while inhibiting the amount of acid in the stomach the drugs also allow the C. diff bacteria to flourish since it would normally be fought by the stomach acid being reduced by the antacids.

Drug industry experts say that these drugs, known as PPIs, are the third highest selling drugs in the U.S. so it is easy to see how the problem with C. diff bacteria, or the condition CDAD, can be a source of concern for the FDA and the medical community. The study on the effects of PPI’s on the digestive system was published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, and showed that almost 50% of 485 patients hospitalized at a medical center who were suffering from CDAD had previously been prescribed a PIP drug, either OTC or by prescription.

The C. diff infection is most dangerous to the elderly and is easily spread in a hospital because the bacteria can live for quite a while outside of the body and is often found on bed linens, bed rails, bathroom fixtures, and door knobs. The infection is normally treated with antibiotics but in some sever cases a portion of the intestinal tract needs to be removed before the bacteria can lead to other more severe problems.


My take:

Yuck. Sounds like I will be thinking twice about popping Prilosec like they are M&M’s after a long night of brews, hot wings, and jalapeno poppers. It stands to reason that if you reduce the amount of acid in your stomach you might be opening yourself up to other problems, and sure enough you just might be.


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It seems like a pack of cigarettes is something that keeps getting more expensive with the more time that goes by and for the most part people who are a fan of using an e cig instead of regular cigarettes know that they’re saving a ton of money on what is otherwise a very expensive habit. Some numbers suggest that a regular smoker who started using an electronic cigarette for six years would save over eleven thousand dollars over that amount of time and would end up smoking over forty thousand fewer cigarettes due to electronic cigarette usage.

Hidden Areas for Savings

One of the interesting dichotomies currently impacting the health care world is the fact that various health care services and personnel are under significantly increased need from public demand but the costs of running various health care facilities and the efficient materials management in healthcare required these days is preventing some facilities from hiring a suitable number of health care professionals in various areas of a hospital or care facility. It has truly become a complex balancing act requiring a lot of attention and know-how to ensure that the personnel within a health care facility are operating at peak efficiency.

Scheduling a Therapy Session

There are a surprising number of people out there who have considered therapy but haven’t actually asked anyone about it or actually investigated it beyond doing an initial search on the subject on the internet. For individuals who have considered meeting with a Douglas Manor NY counseling service, it’s important to note that the type of therapy that is most successful is that which is tended to on a regular basis. Individuals who truly make therapy a part of their lives and don’t simply try it for a few weeks and then stop are those who are able to work through the most problems.

Caring for Minors

When a family has had a significant disease or accident impact a young person in their family it has often been important for the family to consider how best to care for a child during a recuperation period or even for an extended amount of time. One question some parents will inevitably have is whether a Hingham MA home health care service would be able to care for the child. And generally the answer to that question is not only yes but also such services might be eligible for reimbursement with various home health care options.

Job Openings Left Unfilled Rises in 2011

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Cited: CNN

The job market is poked and prodded from all directions and with many more tools than most people would imagine used to gauge the health and direction of this critical area of the U.S. economy. While some people are aware that the monthly data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics includes the number of new jobs created in the economy (non-farm payrolls) along with the unemployment rate overall, for most their knowledge of job market metrics ends there.

You’ll find that economists, industry analysts, as well as business planners from every sector of the economy dig down much deeper into the data and conduct a whole host of other surveys to extract more exacting details about the jobs market. From weekly unemployment claims, household surveys, and new hiring in the temporary labor market to unfilled jobs data, these market watchers want to know the details behind the numbers.

One of the better indicators of demand for labor in the economy is based on a report recently released detailing the number of unfilled positions in various sectors of the economy. The report, released earlier this week shows that in December 2011, the number of unfilled jobs, those jobs out there that have yet to find a fanny for the seat, increased over the same time in 2010, and if the data is correct, could signal an increasing demand for labor. The data pointed to a three year high for the number of unfilled jobs, giving analysts hope that more and more people will soon be back to work.

The data comes from a study of unfilled, posted vacancies for positions that employers want to fill within the next 30 days. Analysts say that the number of job openings has increased by 30% since the depths of the recession between 2007 and 2009.

The survey covers approximately 16,000 business entities across the U.S. and measures employment in mining, construction, manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, transportation and utilities, information, financial activities, professional and business services, education and health services, leisure and hospitality services, government, and other miscellaneous fields.


My take:

I’m sure that the opposition to the present Administration will find some way to spin the data so that it looks like either the government is doing all the hiring to mask the problems in the private sector or that the job market isn’t improving quickly enough, or that the data is wrong and being purposely distorted for political reasons.


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Designing Personalized Gifts

One of the most popular types of personalized types of jewelry that is available today is that of the pretty silver jewelry that jewelry artists make which has beautiful touches added that make those items very personalized when they are given as a gift. Rather than just gifting a standard piece of jewelry, it can be a lot of fun to offer hand stamped jewelry instead as a type of gift which can be memorable for many years. Many people find that a personalized type of jewelry is likely to become a favorite piece no matter how much it originally cost.

Coffee and Coffee Makers

For the uninitiated as far as the professional methods of making coffee are concerned, one of the interesting things about making a great cup of coffee is that the particular type of wholesale coffee purchased along with the type of grinder and the type of coffee maker are all important when it comes to deciding what type of cup to make. It’s worth doing a little reading on which types of grounds work best in specific types of coffee makers and whether a specific blend is going to lend itself well to a particular type of cup.

Matching the Bathroom and Kitchen

There are a lot of home owners who decide to upgrade the bathroom one year and then have some fun redoing the kitchen the year after, but often it’s important to consider that these rooms should be somewhat complimentary with one another as they will share certain elements such as the travertine tiles that might be installed or the type of faucets and other items related to the plumbing. Although everything doesn’t have to match perfectly, it’s still a good idea if a small amount of thought is put into the main decorative elements of each room.

Work Site Safety

There are a lot of statistics that point to construction sites as being one of the most accident-prone areas of work that anyone can work in and many construction sites rival the dangers met by people like miners and loggers who often have very high accident rates as well. For individuals who are attempting to enhance their potential for expansion regarding a construction company, choosing asset equipment leasing with new or used equipment that is likely to offer a safe level of operation while in use is important as the safety of workers should always be a priority.

Baseball Hall of Fame to Start Drug Education Program

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Cited: Google News/ESPN

The Baseball Hall of Fame has announced plans to start a drug education program targeting students and youngsters, not just those that actually play baseball. In a way it is a plan by the Hall to reach out to the young people to warn them about the hazards of performance enhancing drugs before they reach the level of varsity sports and college athletics, where by then the kids have already missed an opportunity to get on the right path.

The irony of the news release by the Hall of Fame regarding their drug education program is that it will be initiated in the same year that the highest profile players ever to be found using drugs will themselves be eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame. Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Roger Clemens will all be up for a vote, however, few sportswriters are expected to vote any of the three in this year, and many say that they will never vote them into the Hall for their use of illegal drugs.

The program will be called “Be A Superior Example, or BASE.” Hall of Fame spokesmen say that the program will involve and national survey of young people regarding their use of PED’s (performance enhancing drugs) followed by a summit in Cooperstown, as well as a nationwide national registry asking for lifelong commitments to remain free from PED use. The Hall is working in conjunction with the Taylor Hooton Foundation and the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainer’s Society.

The program will also target young people that might be using or thinking about using PED’s for recreational purposes, for building “vanity muscles” as well as those that might be lured to these chemicals for better performance on the field of play. Other topics covered in the program will include history, American culture, character building, education in math and science, all as seen through the eyes of one of the most visible symbols of American culture, baseball.


My take:

Ok. Sounds good but only if the likes of Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, Palmeiro, and their rest of their kind never make it into the Hall of Fame. Otherwise it will look like just another hypocritical attempt to CYA, which baseball did for so many years despite knowing full well what these guys were doing.


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Rihanna Collaborates with Brown

Many people have been questioning why music hip hop artist Rihanna decided to collaborate with her former boyfriend Chris Brown after they had so famously gotten into such a violent scuffle which ended up landing Brown in court on assault charges but Rihanna has suggested that the hip hop samples and remixes were part of an effort she suggested was an entirely professional collaboration and that she and Chris treated the remixes and work just as they would a collaboration with any other musician because it was just part of the business of making music.

Choosing a Training Style

When a person owns a dog and starts to investigate different options that exist for creating a dog owner relationship where the dog will protect his owner, there are a few different options, which may include either going through training for attack dogs or looking at simple obedience training. For anyone who is uncertain which type of training might be best, simply looking at the circumstances at home might be the way to go. If the canine might be used at a work site, an attack dog might be the type to have whereas a family pet might benefit from obedience training.

Swift Exercising Options

There are a lot of people who adore going out to exercise and make time to do it every day, but there are also a lot of people who are very busy and don’t have the sort of time they’d like to devote to exercise. In these circumstances it’s often best to consider various tapes and DVDs for exercise assistance since something like a Pilates DVD would be such that the exercises could be accomplished at home without a lot of time spent getting to a gym or going to another place to get the daily exercising completed.

What Does Working From Home Really Mean?

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Cited: MSNBC

People that have a miserable commute to work every day are likely to be the ones to say that they would love to work at home, or at least give it a try. On the other hand, those people that do work from home can also be the first ones to tell you that they need to get out of the house more and that they spend way more time on the job, the one in their home office, than they would ever spend at a more traditional line of work.  So what’s the real story behind working from home?

The truth is that like anything else there are the positives and the negatives to consider and after that it’s all up to you, that’s of course if the choice is yours to make because for most people, working from home is not a viable option.

When you work from home you can’t deny that the commute is a dream. Going from the bedroom to the kitchen for some coffee and breakfast and off to the office won’t cause you much stress when you don’t even have to get out of your jammies for the trek. On the other hand, you won’t have much time to get any reading done either so not having any commute does have its down side. Another undeniable benefit of working from home is that you probably won’t have any problems with the boss, unless you’re one of those people that can’t even stand yourself, in which case you have more problems than just where you choose to work.

A break from the monotony is also a lot easier to take when you are the one to decide how and when to take your break. Being free from the cubicle allows a lot more freedom for you to let the creative juices flow or to go out and get some exercise between projects.

On the other hand, in fact, you might need several hands, are other aspects of working from home that aren’t all that they are cracked-up to be. For one, being your own boss is great but that means that you had better keep the business going or else you might have to lay you off because you can’t afford you. Stress at a job can be intense. Stress at your own company where you are the driving force behind everything can be something entirely different. Add to this the fact that a traditional job probably comes with a lot more benefits and programs to assist you with retirement savings, health care, and child care if you need it.

Not to be forgotten in assessing the work at home vs. working in a real job dilemma is that the work at homer has to wear many hats, in fact he or she has to wear all the hats so if you are easily frustrated by doing tasks that aren’t all that exciting perhaps a cube and an assistant at the end of a long train ride isn’t the worst idea for you.


My take:

I’ll take working from home any day of the week, especially after having commuted to and from NYC for the last 20 years. As long as you can make a living in a business from home or a home office nearby the quality of life is a world apart from the horror of the train, or bus, or whatever cattle car gets you there.


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Do It Yourself in Vehicles

There are certainly a lot of car nuts out there who love modifying their vehicles and understand that one of the best ways to really have fun with a car is to learn all about the electronic fuel injection systems. But it’s important to note that a do-it-yourself project is always going to require some study for people who haven’t yet modified their vehicle in any significant way. One of the best reasons to consider a do-it-yourself option is because it’s often a much less expensive option than taking it into a professional for the same services.

Cowhide and Different Decor

There are definitely a huge number of different decorative options today as styles that were once popular years ago have again come into fashion. For anyone who is looking to have fun with cow hide rugs and other animal prints, it’s definitely possible to include such a design in a home even if the overall decor isn’t such that it would immediately be associated with an animal print. The neat thing about such designs is that a cowhide or animal print rug can be installed with great positive effect in most different types of decor.

Fancy Body Jewelry

There are always a few styles out there that are rather popular for jewelry designs and often it’s fun to see what type of wholesale body jewelry plugs and designs are the most popular before making a purchase since body jewelry can be a big investment if a very nice piece of jewelry is purchased.  One of the most popular types of body jewelry out there is that of a very decorative and fancy type that might include hanging jewels or a very shiny style of metal. Of course, for people who aren’t that flashy with their jewelry, matte and more subtle designs are certainly available.

First Public Relations Practitioners

There are a number of individuals who made their mark in the world of public relations early in its evolution in the United States with a man named Edward Bernays being one of the most recognized practitioners of public relations in the modern era. Bernays was a student of Sigmund Freud and is widely regarded by everyone from casuals in the profession to a Chicago best PR firm as the founder of the profession as it is used in modern commerce and publicity. The First World War was a major reason why public relations became a legitimate industry and corporate art.

Making Cash Last

One of the exciting things about becoming an entrepreneur is that there is a lot of chance that must be undertaken regarding the future success of a business and for anyone who is attempting to figure out how business cash advances might impact the bottom line of the company in future months, quarters or years, painting a realistic projection of where the company will likely be in future years is important and does require that the entrepreneur either obtain professional financial advice or do the necessary homework himself to ensure that the projections take into account everything possible that might happen with the economy.

Vehicle Makers Increase Production

While the growth of automobile manufacturers has certainly been growing in certain emerging markets around the world, it would seem as though some manufacturers with American plants are starting to seek out staffing services more often than before due to enhanced levels of manufacturing required to meet current consumer demands. Not only are more manufacturing plants in the automobile industry starting to open up, but there are also a lot of factories that have been offering third shifts as a way to enhance their production output and this has been great news for auto workers looking for jobs.

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